As Perth houses vary so much it is hard to give an "average" price for a 4x2 or a 3x1 or a 2 storey townhouse etc.  Many of Perths older suburbs now hardly resemble what they did 20 years ago with old houses being replaced with redeveloped duplex and triplex homes with small yards, narrow side access and often 2 storey. To price these over the phone really can be difficult. I can come and give free quotes, and can often even give quotes from photographs sent to me. 

A rough guide to pricing is as follows:

Normal windows (panes) under 1 sq. metre range from $4.50 to $5.00. If there is a fixed security screen on the window and the pane needs to be removed to clean both sides then we would normally add $3- $4 for this per affected panes.  Full size panes such as sliding glass doors start at $6 per pane and can go up to $12 depending on the size.  Screen washing if required usually attracts additional cost if soiling is particularly bad. Frames are always wiped clean, however if tracks are full of gunk and the wet dry vacuum is required additional cost would be determined onsite prior to starting. 

High access glass is similar to standing access glass but has additional costs attached for the degree of difficulty with the high access.  All high access panes start at $7 per pane and go up depending on difficulty from there.


Pool fence glass panes start from $8 per pane and go up depending on size and degree of soiling.